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Bristol ri adult friend finder. Name: Email:. If you're looking for a place where you can play for a long period of time, like a year or two, L2Extreme is right for you. Server Forums.

High Five Part 5. Exp, Sp x Raid drop x5.

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The skill description indicates that it will use 5 mana points every time it is used. However, it actually consumes 10 mana points. To compensate players who have purchased the XP Bottle Agathion prior to this announcement, we will provide 1 Free Agathion of the same type for every Agathion purchased. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and would like to thank you for your understanding. New bonus items for the packs await you as well.


Tyrr duelist 105/100 with Clan lv.11 + Clan Hall + L2 classic server TI lv.50 Gladiator

This page has details on the new store items, including the changes to the Exploration Packs and their bonus items, as well as other new items to the L2 Galleria and in-game L2 Store, and changes to existing NCoin items. You can resurrect right away at the spot where you died if you have the Feather of Blessing in your inventory.

Summons a Vitality Recovering Cake that recovers the Vitality of nearby party members while acquiring XP through hunting for 20 minutes. This item can currently only be found as a bonus item from the Exploration Packs! Can be used regardless of level.


Click on an image to learn more about the item. A bracelet that summons an XP Bottle Agathion. The Agathion lets you gain XP for your subclass or dual class while you hunt on your main class by making the monsters you hunt drop redeemable XP coupons. Cosmetic Warrior Helmet: Join Aden's most celebrated fighters today by picking up this powerful looking mask!

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You'll look sleek and stylish, and you'll be that bit taller too. A two-slot hair accessory that lets your character don the helmet of a brave warrior.

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Ruthless Tribe Mask: Scare the life out of your enemies with this daunting yet awesome looking mask. Your foes will start running before you can finish saying Ninjitsu! A one-slot head accessory that gives your character the appearance of wearing a savage tribe mask.

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Griffin Agathion: Just look at how cute this little guy is! Can be shared among characters within an account through the Dimensional Merchant. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, sold in a private store, or used in an Auction House. Enchantment, augmentation, and addition of attributes are not possible. Can be used on no-grade weapons. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or sold in a private store. Only 1 of this item can exist in 1 account.

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At level 86 or above, you can go find the Mentor Guide and exchange for Diplomas. Diplomas can be exchanged for R-Grade equipment after Awakening. Superior Minion Coupon Pack.

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Enchants :. General informations :. Vote system with nice rewards!